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UPDATE- Colby – Photos-Warning they are graphic

Back in October Colby had an accident at his work. He was run over by a forklift. It had crushed his foot and rolled up his right side squashing his thigh, breaking a few ribs and cracked his shoulder-blade. With time his foot, ribs and shoulder have healed. His thigh has not. It’s been trying heal, but  it swelled and filled with liquid and eventually a blister formed and exploded. This turned into a hole. As the thigh continued to heal and ooze the hole got bigger and deeper. The doctor put a drain tube in and it helped. Lots of liquid came out, at one point 5 liters. Daily it was about 2 cups. Finally in January he was released.

He was home for 2 weeks. Then his dad took him to the ER. The thigh was infected. He has been there since. Two surgeries and still no improvement. The Doctor has admitted that he can’t fix it. Today he was transported to Prince George Hospital to see a plastic surgeon. We are hoping that this will be a better doctor and that the hospital has better facilities.

I’m going to post some photos of his injuries. They are a bit gross. Even I had a hard time seeing them.

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So, I used up some ugly yarn. At least I now know how to make a simple shawl. #crochet #creating

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#valentinesday #dessert I made dark chocolate covered strawberries and cheese cake. #lowcarb sooooo good! Best cheese cake I’ve ever made.

Happy birthday Mr.Duncan !! You still look like a puppy at 9 yrs. #dogsofinstagram #Duncan #happybirthday

Found this today at the thrift store. Let’s see if I remember how to #crossstitch #creating #pooh

Found this today at the thrift store. Let’s see if I remember how to #crossstitch #creating #pooh

#cheatmeal is beef mushroom cream sauce with dosa #lowcarb yummy! Not pretty but it was tasty.