Pool Noodle Wreath

New Bathroom

We have lived in our condo for 11 years. In this time we have only washed the carpets. It didn’t need paint at first. Now it shows that it’s looking old in here. So the reno’s have started. It’s going to be a slow process, but worth it. The first project was the bathroom. It needed some updating. Amazing what some paint and new fixtures can do to a room. We still need to do the flooring but that will have to wait.

This is before….I really hated the lighting. The colour on the walls is like someone had stained them from years of smoking.




And now after… still need to attach the toilet roller holder. No more towel bar, only hooks.



IMG_20151008_120904 (1)


Mr Fish has his place.


I added a few friends to my tiny fountain.



I am very happy with the results. Turned out perfect.







Redo Cabinet

I had this old cabinet that we were using in the bathroom for our towels. I decided it needed a redo.

IMG_20150929_085819 IMG_20150929_085830

I didn’t want to sand it. I found out about chalk paint. I wiped it clean and gave it a quick sanding. Basically I rubbed sandpaper over it for all of 5 minutes. Then I mixed up my chalk paint at started. It took 2 coats but I liked how it turned out.


Chalk Paint is very easy to make. 2 tbs Plaster of Paris mixed with 1/2 cup water. Then add it to 1 cup of the paint you are going to use. Its that easy. You can also look it up yourself. There are many recipes and lots of ideas out there.




Reversable Jean Bag

I have been looking at all my old jeans that I just didn’t want to throw out and I decided that there had to be something I could make with them. Off to google I went! Wow, I didn’t know that there were so many things I could make. I took some old wide legged jeans and started pulling them apart. The leftover parts will go to an different project.

IMG_20150909_102743 IMG_20150909_102755 IMG_20150909_104550

Once that was done I found some fabric and took the pockets off some old cargo pants.


Next I measured and measured and figured out my pattern. Once that was done it was all about the cut, cut, snip, snip, sew, sew. Oops, redo, sew, sew….

And this is what I came up with.

IMG_20150910_124056 IMG_20150910_124236

I think I did pretty good. It’s not prefect but I do like it. The pockets are just the right size for my phone. I think I will try to back another one but a bit smaller and not so wide.