Colby’s coming tomorrow!

Yup! That’s right! He will be here for the party this weekend. I’m very happy that I get to see him.
I wonder how much more he has grown? Last I saw he was towering over me. And he asked for a razor since he forgot to bring one…lol.
So today I cleaned and vacuumed did the laundry and now I’m pooped.
I bought some new decorations last week. I’m doing my tree all blue this year. I also added to my “snowpeople” collection. Yes, thats right, I collect Snow people. I will have to take some pictures once I am done with decorating. I think I’ll get Matthew and Colby to help do the tree on Saturday.
I plan of getting as many snow people as I can fit into our condo….lol
Well as may as I can fit into our storage room.

So I have been working on this dvd for dad’s party. I can honestly say I am so frustrated!
I really hate some of the programs out there. But I think I finally have one that might work.
At least I am hoping it will. I have alot of pics to use and I hope I haven’t forgotten any family members, but if I have its too bad! I’m not doing the dvd over! 😛

On a happier note….I have lost 15lbs!!!!
Only 15 more to go. Gregg is doing really good too. Over 30lbs gone! I’m so very proud of him.


  1. grandmothergoose

    Can hardly wait to see Colby! It’s been a long time.
    Oh … and congratulations on your weight loss, both of you!
    Also, thanks for all the work on Dad’s DVD.

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