Thats right people! The word of the day is …… take a deep breath…let it out…relax….. “PORN”. Now don’t get all panicky on me. Calm down, everything will be ok. “PORN” go on you can say it.
PORN.PORN.PORN. See how easy that is? You are probably wondering why I am having you say this word? Am I right? Of course I’m right.(I always am) The reason is simple….IT’S EVERYWHERE! There is no escaping it. No matter what we do its around every corner of the internet. We go to sites that we think are fine to look at and there on the side banners are “GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS!” Telling you that they can make you happy in every possible way, and just live down the road. Now we all know thats not true. Most of the girls probably didn’t even know that the pictures they posed for were going to be used to sell sex. I signed up at a site that I thought was save and what happens??? The next day my inbox is full of you guess it…”PORN”. And it kept on coming! There was no end to it. I was getting up to 20 emails a day! I have since learned not to sign up at every site I go to. I have stopped most of the emails but I still get 1 or 2 a day.
So, the next time you see “PORN” don’t get scared. Its part of life on the net.

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Last Modified: November 24, 2006

4 comments on “Today we learn a new word

  1. grandmothergoose

    Good one, Karin!
    And of course, you are so absolutely right!
    Soooooo, everyone…….let’s be careful out there!

  2. Sid

    Driving on the highway one day, I noticed the local strip club got the sign mixed up and now proclaimed in big neon letters “cold cold girls! hot hot beer”. It may have been the only place where guys pay to be entertained by frigid women. Porn is everywhere, its important to be vigilant and get a good spam filter, before you’re inundated with porn spam and ads for viagra.

  3. Cynthia

    I once punched in Children’s haircuts or something for my friend and got porn. Scary…all she wanted to know was where to get her kid’s haircut in her neighborhood.

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