We just got back from Langley. WOW! We went for dinner and was snowing but not sticking to anything then we went to Colossal to see the new James Bond flick. 3 hours later we come out of the theater and there is snow everywhere! The drive back to Abby was slow. Never went over 80km. It was a bit hair raising I must say! Matthew was behinds with Colby. He dropped him off and kept going to Chilliwack. I hope he doesn’t get snowed in tomorrow. Well, I am off to bed. By the way the movie was good and that new James Bond is a HOTTIE! yum!

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Last Modified: November 26, 2006

2 comments on “It’s Snowing!

  1. Cynthia

    sounds like you had a great family night, so glad you could

  2. grandmothergoose

    Now, hold on a minute!
    You are a married woman, after all!
    Great to hear you had a fun evening!

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