Well, we had a great time last night at the party. People cam from all corners of Canada. I could remember people but not their names. We got the dvd finished but in the end the player didn’t work. I was a bit upset about it. Since Gregg and I put so much time into it.
The food was also good except for the mashed potatoes….I think they came out of a box(YUK).
The cake was very yummy. I was dizzy most of the time. Those high ceilings and terrible lights made me feel like vomiting. I wobbled and swayed most of the time. I think all my relatives must of thought I was drunk…lol. I felt bad that we left so soon but I was toast. As soon as I decided it was time to go and I went to get my jacket I just couldn’t get myself to go back into the gym under those lights again. Even with all the snow I was surprised to see the turn out we had. I thought for sure certain people would of canceled out.
Matthew and Colby had a good time too. It was so great that my boys made it for this special day. And hopefully they will both be here for Dad’s birthday on the 25th.

Gregg has taken Colby to the bus depot and he is on his way back home to Kamloops.
I’ll miss “Bernard” LOL (I like that name for him) My big clumsy puppy.
As soon as I finish my morning coffee and clean up a bit I will sit back down and post some pictures from the weekend.

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  1. grandmothergoose

    Bernard ! ! ! It does fit him to a T!
    Was sure nice to see him!

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