I’ve added 2 tickers to help remind me to loss weight and why I am doing it. We are planning to go back to Playa del Carmen Mexico for our 5th anniversary and its also my 40th birthday. I have been counting the days ever since we got home for our first trip in 2002. I can’t begin to tell you how much we loved it down there. We hope that after this visit we will make our decision about really moving there to spend our retirement on those beautiful beaches. We have made a few online friends that already live there. So this next trip we will have people to visit.
I know for a fact that I will never ever go back to Puerto Vallarta. It is a dirty smelly city. Some people love it there but not me! Plus in PLaya I will never have to worry about running into “my baby’s daddy”(I’ve always wanted to say that…LOL) Since he hates the Cancun area.
Hopefully we will be able to go for 3 weeks this time, Last time we did 2 weeks and after the first 7 days I finally relaxed and was stress free. I don’t think I have ever felt that good in my whole life. Absolutely no stress…aaaaaah.

3 comments on “Tickers

  1. Cynthia

    can I come? I am small and could fit on the underwear pile!
    ps snow people melt in the sun???What will you do then?

  2. Medicated (Karin)

    can you fit in a backpack?

    I will let them stay with your snow people.

  3. grandmothergoose

    Who’s bright idea was this?
    You would want to leave your loving family here? in the cold?
    I know it’s a beautiful place, but leave? What has come over you? 🙂
    PS. You had better have big luggage, I’m sure you will have any number of stowaways!

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