As you can see I’m trying different things on my blog. Just to see what all I can do. So if there is anything that you can’t read or is hard to see let me know. I’ll be adding all sorts of things as I learn. For those of you that might want to do things to your pages but don’t know how, go into the blogger help files. I can help with little things otherwise I’m not good at explaining how I did…Since I am just learning them now. First thing you must learn to do is read HTML. It’s really not that hard once your brain wraps around it all. If you have the time its worth learning. I’ll be adding a whole new blog page with just things for blogging. Such as links to HTML sites, addons, avatars, icons, etc. I’ll answer questions there and try to answer them as best as I can.

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  1. grandmothergoose

    Nice beach!
    Is it were I think it is?
    Makes it a bit harder to read but hey, no es un problemo!
    Just highlight the written part and we are fine!

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