So I officially did my first christmas shopping trip. Mom came and picked me up at 9am. We then headed to her Doctor’s office to pick up some paperwork for dad. He has a bone scan for the 15th. After, we traveled down the road to Zellers. I went next door and got my hairs trimmed. Then we were off to Costco where we spent lots of money. I bought a pair of jeans for 10 bucks and I already tried them on and they are a bit big so back they go. Mom found a gift for the gift game, I did not.
I only bought food. So then we gassed up at 88cents a liter and we zoomed off to Wally world. We couldn’t find parking so we pulled over and sat in the parking lot way in the back and decided where to go next. We realized our tummys needed food. First we stopping at white spot…no parking. Red Robin’s was empty. We went in and had a yummy chicken burger and a drink and we were off again! TO THE MALL! we shouted. We stopped at the Dentist and I finally went in and made an appointment to get my teeth cleaned(scary). Mom had this idea in her head that she needed to find the “right” jeans. We went to Sears…nothing.Then to Cotton Ginny…nothing. TanJay…nothing. Finally at Cleo we found a nice dressy pair of jeans. Then it was in search of lip gloss, off to Shoppers drug mart…found it! Then we were heading back to the car but oh no we had to stop at La Senza. Mom needed PJ’s. So she found some….GREAT! We saw Santa. And finally got back to the car and she dropped me off and headed home to have matae(TEA) with dad. I unpacked my bags and noticed that I hadn’t bought any christmas gifts. All that shopping was just for mom! LOL oh well… it was fun. ANd next week we will do it again! But I think we will head to Langley. Who is going to join us?

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Last Modified: December 6, 2006

3 comments on “First Day of Shopping

  1. Cynthia

    tell me when and I am there…but i have a posse with me!

  2. grandmothergoose

    Any day but Thursday and I’ll be there! Just let me know!

  3. Medicated (Karin)

    I’ll let you know once I talk to mom

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