After reading my Sister’s blog it got me thinking about family. I think that I’m very lucky that I have such a big happy loving family. I admit it wasn’t easy growing up with 3 brothers in the house. Being that I was always picked on cause I was the girl and the youngest. Maybe thats why I am the way I am today? (I highly doubt it). Yes I am different that the others in the family. My life was way out in left field most of the time. And the family didn’t understand most of it. My sister wasn’t really there as I grew up since she is 14 years older than me. Not that I am complaining, but I wished we were closer in age back then. It was lonely being the only girl at home. My brothers never understood me. They protected me when I needed it but we never really talked much. It was more yelling and fighting as siblings often do. My brother Bert and I were close for some years. We are only 1 1/2 years apart. But as I became a teenage I went my own way, as did he. The teen years were hard and I won’t go into detail as to what all happened to me over all those years. Those memories are put away hopefully forever. I honestly felt I had no family back then. But the parents were always there in the end. In my twenties I had more hard times. I chose a lifestyle that was very unpredictable. I really never thought that I would see my 30th birthday. Again when I needed help the parents were there.
Now in my thirties I have started a new adventure. Leaving my old life behind along with that old person I was. My parents were there for that too. I have come to appreciate my family. Yes we have our little squabbles and spats. But we still love one another. I realize that the age difference my sister and I have really is no big deal. We get along quite well even though our lives have been so different. My brothers and I have a closeness that is as individual as each one of them are. We have all grown up and moved along with the changing world. My parents have grown old with us all. Now we will have to help our parents as they did for us. I feel that I owe them the most out of all us kids. They did so much for me all my life, more than anyone in my family will ever know.
So getting back to my Sister’s post today. I know that we will one day have to face what she and her family is facing now. Making decisions as to what would be best for our mom & dad.
I hope that we will do the right things. As they have always tried to do for us.

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  1. Anonymous

    nicely said. never under estimate the power of family

  2. grandmothergoose

    Nice post! And just so you know, I was around when you were growing up, but not so that you would have noticed it. I spent many hours at home visiting, with my own kids in tow but you were a school girl back then and by the time you would get home I would be gone to make supper for my own family. Our paths just didn’t cross to often in those years but I was keeping an eye on you. 🙂
    I am so glad that we can spend time together now that we both are empty nesters. Strange, time has sort brought us to the same level! But I still beat you!
    I am a grandma already and you are not! hehehe
    As far as our parents are concerned, when the time comes, there are five of us to support each other and we will be OK!

  3. Medicated

    I know you were around but you were more like a visiting Aunt 😛
    As for you being a grandma I dont think I will be far behind if an “accident” all of a sudden happens…lol

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