Well I am tired. Mom and I did more shopping today and I dropped her off after lunch and stole her car for the night. I am done except for one more gift for Gregg. Even did the shopping for Dad since he cant get out to get mom a gift. I have to admit that this year it was not so bad shopping. Most of the time the Malls and stores are so packed. I really didn’t notice it.

Now I will have to spend an evening of wrapping presents. Oh joy!…actually I like doing it.

Tomorrow we are off and running again. Surrey with dad for his bone scan. I imagine that we will head to Metrotown this weekend. Still need to make a stop at Ikea for some lights for mom. But as of Monday I will be relaxing and doing no more shopping. I want to be stress free for the holidays.

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Last Modified: December 14, 2006

2 comments on “Shopping Day 3

  1. Cynthia

    you seem to be doing well at shopping. Stress free at the holidays…who are you kidding!

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