Well I’m home. I must say I’m kinda tired. After driving to Surrey hospital and lunch at my sister’s and then back to the hospital and then home in rush hour traffic. Make for a very long day. Not complaining, I am more than willing to drive mom and dad around. But I think I need a day to relax. I think mom wants me over tomorrow to help setup her tree.

I understand that certain people want to see my fat fish. so hear is Bubba.

He is a lionhead gold fish.I have 2 more fancy goldies that are half his size.Bubba’s pals are called Billy and Spike.

2 comments on “Long day…but there is always Bubba!

  1. grandmothergoose

    Beautiful picures!
    He’s a very handsome looking fish!

  2. grandmothergoose

    Ohhhh, I forgot something!
    You better take some pictures of Mom’s tree tomorrow! You know how it is …. enquiring minds want to know and see!

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