Gregg has finally finished the DVD of dad. It took some time, but I think everyone will like it.

I will be bringing it with on the 25th to the party. We can watch it but you wont get a copy till the next time I see you. Gregg will be adding pictures from that day to it also. So send your pictures to us.

As for today we are very busy. I have to go see my Doctor at 10:20am about my throat and why it hurts. After that we are off to mom’s to drop off some DVD’s she needs to mail off. Then its to Surrey to see my plastic surgeon about my scars. After that we are heading to Ikea to get a few items. We aren’t sure where to after that but I’m sure it will be fun and full of people where ever it is! Those last minute shoppers will be everwhere. So I guess thats it for now, blog when I get home.

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Last Modified: December 18, 2006

2 comments on “It’s Finished!

  1. grandmothergoose

    Are you sure tht you have scheduled in enough stops for today? Looks to me like you need a few more stops!

  2. grandmothergoose

    PS. Can hardly wait to see the DVD!

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