Wow! What a long day. Let’s see, we started with my first Doctor’s appointment at 10:20am. I need to see an allergist. When that will be I dont know yet. We then headed to Mom and Dad’s to show them the DVD. Then we had lunch(borscht).Gregg took a quick snap of their tree.

We rolled on to Surrey to my next appointment. That went well. My scars are healing well and I dont have to go back until February for my one year check up. We zipped over the bridge and zagged into IKEA.
We picked up a few lights for mom and me and drawing paper for the kids from Gregg’s christmas family at work. I also grabbed some candies that I really like.

After IKEA we drove up to Coquitlam Center. It’s the first time I have ever been there. Its kinda big. We didnt find anything there so we went for nibblies at East Side Marios.

We had some very yummy nachos. We then decided we would start down Lougheed Highway back to Abbotsford. We made many stops along the way. There are so many new Malls. We stopped at pet stores looking for the “elusive green noise mouse”.(Just so you know this is what Baby only plays with.No other color will do) We never did find one, but we met a very happy kitty with 6 toes on her right foot. We stop at Dollars stores for all those last minute items.Tape, bows, stocking stuffers…etc. We finally cruised into Abby at about 8pm and straight down to Costco to return some bathing suits that mom bought. Grabbed some oranges and pizzas. Headed over to one more dollar store to find envelopes. I did that while Gregg zipped up the street to his dad’s to drop off a box of oranges and to find out the results of his CT scan last week. He still has blood on the brain but it has slowed down some more. He will have another scan next week again. So we had one more stop at Field’s to see if they still had the DVD players on sale. Nope, all gone. Finally we were heading home. I get in the door and stripped off my clothes and just about to put on my PJ’s and my wonderful sister calls…LOL
So there I was on my bed in undies and bra yapping away.But she couldn’t see me so it was all ok. It was a long day but it was fun. Why was it fun you ask? Well that is easy to answer. Its always fun when I can have my best friend with me by my side.

2 comments on “Shopping day 4

  1. grandmothergoose

    Wow! I’m exhausted from just reading this! Sounds like you had a great time and sure liked all the pictures, but aren’t we missing one??? Heard that you had taken one of Mom & Dad?
    My hubby hates running around from store to store, wo we very rarely go shopping together but when we do, I enjoy it, too!

  2. Medicated

    I do have a pic of them but they both look so tired I didnt want to post it.

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