Today I will be wrapping gifts.FUN FUN FUN! hehehehe

I’m turning up the christmas tunes and pray for snow on christmas day,just like I do every year. Christmas just isn’t complete unless it snows.

So its wrap, wrap! Then clean this mess in my house. Then all that will be left to do is wait for the Jolly Fatman to get here to fill my stocking and leave presents under my tree.

But no presents like what Baby and Bunny leave(YUK).

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Last Modified: December 19, 2006

2 comments on “Wrapping Day

  1. grandmothergoose

    Yikes and Yuk!
    Hope your real presents will be better than that!
    I’m knee deep in wrapping paper myself and the music is also playing!
    All I need is a glass of wine, which by the way, I just bottled today. Need to go and taste it now!
    Peach Chardonay! Yum!

  2. Cynthia

    i like to wrap at the end…glad you are in the spirit!

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