End of another day

Well I finished up some more wrapping.Hung some more lights in my living room.(One can never have enough lights.) Still have to go out tomorrow and get a turkey for boxing day.Looks like I will be making a big feast for all my boys. Its gonna have to be a BIG turkey…LOL

I’m so looking forward to it. I will force them to eat and watch Christmas cartoons! Thats right! They will watch The Grinch and Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer and that frosty guy…MAHAHAHA!

Yes oh yes! It will be a day of fun! If they like it or NOT! When Mom says…jump, they will ask how high! I’m just joking. I won’t be like that. But they will have to eat all the food…hehehe

I’m sure we will have a great day.


  1. dmjcaron

    Christmas 2006 is gonna be a great one for everyone !!! We’ve spoiled the kids and will be spending our first christmas married…..:D

    Very happy to hear you will have both your sons home with you for the holidays, makes it all worthwhile…..

    I have everything wrapped, couple things still need to be baked but other then that we are ready to enjoy some good food and some wonderful company Enjoy!!

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