Tell me, cause I really want to know this….How often does everybody vacuum? I do it once a week unless the cats have made a mess. I think once or twice a week is plenty. I do this “vacuuming” mostly on a week day in the morning. Now for some unknown reason our neighbors above us like to do it at night during the week after 11pm. WHY? I know they live a different routine since I have heard them up at all hours of the night. But must you vacuum in the middle of the night?? cant it be done in the morning before they go to bed? Or how bout buy a vacuum clean that is noiseless? I can handle a few minutes but when you need to go over and over the same area for an hour I REALLY think that they might have a compulsive disorder. What should I do about it? Any ideas? I really wanted to take the broom and bang on the ceiling last night.

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Last Modified: December 21, 2006

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  1. grandmothergoose

    Think about writing a letter to your Strata board! They should then talk to them! Besides, you might not be the only ones being disturbed. Try talking to some other neighbours first, that are below them and also beside them.
    Find out!

  2. Anonymous

    Hmmm so you think they are in bed when you are up??? How about you vaccuum then !!! hahaha On a serious note, I agree with grandmothergoose, write a letter and talk to your neighbours and see if they feel the same way…..

  3. Cynthia

    Do they have neighbours on all sides? Or would they know it was you?

  4. Anonymous

    See your all looking at this wrong…consider it white noise to go to sleep by, how long do they vacumn?

  5. Medicated

    We has talked to the strata and they stopped for a while.Not sure if any other neighbors hear them as well since they have the same layout as us we would be the only ones under them. They vacuum for an hour sometimes more.I have heard them at 3am vacuuming!But I will write another letter to Strata.White noise like static on a TV I can take but a loud roaring rumbling above my head…NO WAY!

  6. grandmothergoose

    What about side neighbours? On your floor as well as theirs?
    Can they hear them? Is there another floor above them? Can they hear them? Just wondering how many more folks they are bothering! Together you should be able to make a difference, don’t you think? Good luck!

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