So today I went with Matthew to my Doctor and got him a cortisone shot in his shoulder. He has been having alot of pain from his tendinitis. I sure hope it helps. I know personally how painful is can be.
Colby is coming tomorrow. Yippee! He will be staying till next week some time. Not sure what all I will do with him while he is here but we will figure that out. For a guy who is 17, he still acts like a boy. Still needs to be entertained every minute. He has gotten better about it but he still wants to go every where and do everything. I wish I could but I would end up broke!

I picked up a couple novels from the library today. I’ve been into some weird reading lately. I started reading a series about 2 years ago and since then I have found similar series and have just kept on going. I have a few authors that I really like and try to get all their books. I’m not sure if it would be stuff that everybody would like but if you are into the “supernatural” world then you might like to check out these authors:
1. Laurell K Hamilton She does the Anita Blake “Vampire Hunter” series.
2. Charline Harris Sookie Stackhouse “Dead” series
3. MaryJanice Davidson “Undead”series plus other novels

I have many many more authors that I like. I’ll make a separate list on the side.
I like reading about vampires and werewolves. Most of the books are on the romance/comedy side. The Anita Blake series has alot of sex. The first few books were good but the last 3 have been mainly sex. Gets kinda boring. Anyways, now you know what I am reading.
I’m off to bed to read!

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  1. grandmothergoose

    Now you’re a bookworm! What’s next?

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