Well the week is gone. Colby is arriving this afternoon some time. I’m finally going to see him. Not sure how long he will be staying but that doesn’t matter. Matthew will be over tomorrow and the 4 of us are going over to my parents place for mom’s famous pancakes….yum!

What else is everybody doing for New Years eve? I think we will just stay home and watch movies and play games on Colby’s xbox. I did want to go see the Christmas Train but I think Colby would complain that he is too old for that….LOL

I see my sister commented on my last entry. Sounds like you were a bit surprised to find out that I read…LOL. I actually read a lot. 1-2 books a week. Shocking, I know. But since I am dyslectic I read and write as much as possible. I think it’s one of the reasons why I had such a hard time in school. And speaking of school, I want to know something. Has it made a difference in your life having finished grade 12? Has it helped you get ahead in the world? I don’t see that it makes much of a difference these days. I may only have some high school but I have more knowledge than alot of graduates have out there. I guess I am smarter than I look…LOL.

4 comments on “It’s Friday!

  1. dmjcaron

    New Year’s eve…..Well it did start out to being a quiet night just the 4 of us having turkey dinner with all the trimmings and a board game or 2 but now we are having a household of friends coming over, which means I gotta pick up a ham..not sure if our turkey is big enough now…LOL But that is all that has really changed just the number of ppl….Still pull out Scrabble or Here and Now Monopoly see if I can buy Robson street this time !!

    Speaking of reading, I have been getting into it a bit more lately, just haven’t picked up a book as of yet….soon hopefully…Paul got intrigued by the show heros so we are gonna check that one out, I am gonna check out desperate housewives, he is like ya that night I will be playing my puter game LOL

    Hope you and the boys have lots of fun this weekend..Happy New Year Karin

  2. Medicated

    Thanks Darlene 🙂
    I’m sure it will be a good night for all. If you plan on watching those show you should pick up the seasons before and watch them first so you are up to date.I think Rogers video carries them all.

  3. grandmothergoose

    We’re off to Vancouver Island tomorrow morning with 7 other couples. Will be at a hotel in Victoria. Should be fun, I think!

    And no, I was not surprised that you know how to read, silly girl! Just teasing you. Haven’t read a whole book in some time now. Really should do that again. Question is … WHEN?

    Wish you all a great New Year!

  4. dmjcaron

    Thanks Karin, that is exactly what I was thinking was catching up on the previous episodes on both heroes and Desperate Housewives…Paul and I have been watching Battle Star Galactica as well as 4400..Heroes sounds like a spin off of 4400 or similiar to it at any rate. Perfect timing too cause we have been running outta good stuff to watch !!

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