Well here it is folks! It’s the end of 2006. Hard to believe another year is gone in just a few more hours. i plan to spend my last moments of the year with Gregg and Colby. We are planning to go see night at the Museum at SilverCity. After that we are heading to the video store to rent a few more movies(I’m a movie buff). We want to go for dinner but we haven’t decided as to where we want to eat. Maybe we will try out Nando’s. I always enjoy Milestones, their food is good and the prices are decent. We have a bottle of bubbly we will pop at midnight. Yes I know Colby isn’t drinking age but come on, he lives with BOB. It’s not like he doesn’t get some at home…LOL.

I totally forgot! What I got for Christmas this year. Let’s see….. I got a bottle of perfume “Touch of Sun” it smells so nice. I got “Touch of Pink” for my birthday and I love that one too.
I also got a new lazer mouse for lefties(so only I can use it) and a cordless keyboard. A new webcam and a headset. 2 movies “Cars” and “Ice Age the Meltdown“.
Plus a few other little items in my stocking.
I did pretty good. Santa must of thought I was really good all year….hehehe.
And I WAS!

I forgot one other item. I also got the cd from the BareNaked Ladies concert that we went to last December at the Orpheum. We also bought tickets for the next BNL concert in February.

3 comments on “Last day of the year

  1. dmjcaron

    Sounds like you were good…..As far as our New Year’s eve, it had started out to being a dinner party with a game of scrabble or 2, but now a quiet night just the 4 of us..Turkey in the oven with some of the trimmings, brussel sproats are where they belong in the produce section of the gorcery store…lol..As for Santa not sure where to begin, Let’s just say we all got spoiled !!

  2. Cynthia

    sounds like santa saw you were nice….enjoy the fun stuff!

  3. grandmothergoose

    That’a nice little list of Christma goodies you got! Enjoy!

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