I have been feeling sick for a few days now with a sore throat and a headache. But this morning I woke up and I had no voice. I tried to talk before my coffee and all I did was squeak. After 2 cups of coffee I can speak again. Aah the miracles of coffee. IT CURES ALL….hehehe.

So, Matt just came and picked up Colby to take him to the greyhound station. He is heading back home and says he will try to be back spring break. It was a nice visit. He has really grown up a lot over the last couple years. His A.D.D. has calmed down. He still has a lot of energy but at least he can sit through a movie now. But his sense of humor is as warped as mine…LOL
I guess now I get to clean up the mess he left me and get the rest of my decorations put away. Get back to normal again. But first I am going back to bed and sleep off this cold.

3 comments on “I’m a sicky

  1. Cynthia

    glad to hear you had a good visit!Hope you feel better soon

  2. dmjcaron

    I am not sure if I told you this already or not but I am hooked on desperate housewives now, I may have got my sister hooked as well. Found out my mother in law has already been watching it for awhile. I managed to sit thru one episode of Heroes but that was it, Paul on the otherhand doesn’t mind it..Unlike desperate housewives, Heroes doesn’t have any hot guys to look at..LOL

  3. grandmothergoose

    Goodness, are we all sick?
    Get better soon!

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