yup! I’m a snot nose. I think today will be a bad day. I was up at 3am trying to clear all the gunk out of my throat. Took some nite time cold pills and had a neo-citron and finally got back to sleep at 5:30am. I slept till 8:30am. I feel awful. I need a new head, mine going to explode if I blow my nose again. I don’t think I will do much blogging today. I’ll be in and out of bed.

I did get some news yesterday from Matthew and was very excited, said something about “floating”. Anyways, he went for a job interview at Superstore and he thinks that he has the job. He will find out today. I sure hope he gets it. He really needs it.

It looks like mom and dad will be heading to California in a week. Talked to mom this morning and she really wants to go. They just have to wait to see what the doctor says about dad’s cancer. If he needs to stay home and do any treatments. If it can wait then they will do it after the trip.
I hope that its not too serious, but all cancer is serious.
Anyways, I’m off to snuggle up under my blankie and watch a movie. The Davinci Code, I’ll let you know if its any good.

3 comments on “Snot nose

  1. dmjcaron

    Hope your parents can go away, be nice for them especially when you wake up to snow….getting pretty white out here so far this morning….I am keeping my fingers crossed for matthew and his job..As far as you sicky…..hope you get better really soon…oh btw I got my new computer yesterday, nothing spectacular however we went with the deal for the OS plus I have never had a brand new computer, always hand me downs..so its cool !!!!

  2. grandmothergoose

    Hey there!
    Hope you feel better soon. I am still not 100% either but we’re getting there.
    Let us know what happens with Matthew’s job situation, OK?

  3. dmjcaron

    WOW !!! Is it ever windy out here tonight, I sure hope we don’t lose power again, the other day we lost power for over 3 hours and the basement flooded,pump stopped working !! Its not raining yet, but the wind is sure howling…..

    How is things out that way???

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