Movie Review

We watched the Da Vinci Code this evening and what can I say about it. It was ok. Nothing special. It ended in a way that was just silly. For those of you that haven’t seen it I wont ruin the ending. I’m just glad I didn’t waste my money going to the theater to see it.
Now if you want to see a good movie see Ice Age 2….it was funny and easy to watch. And who doesn’t love a sloth?!


  1. dmjcaron

    Yes from time to time its nice to sit down and watcha movie that doesn’t require alot of thought into it….Disney movies are great for that !!! I really enjoyed 8 below, one movie I would watch again !!

  2. Anonymous

    I disagree, Da Vinci code was a great movie, the problem is that it had way too much hype to live up too. I give a huge thumbs up.

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