Well what did we do? We had a late lunch with Gregg’s dad and sister. Then went to Ikea. Yes I bought stuff. We then split from Glen and Robin and heading into Vancouver. We decided to go to the Taboo sex show. It was fun! If you have ever been to a lingerie home party this is thy ultimate party! There was everything you could think of and then some. It was elbow to elbow all over the place. We baby stepped thru the isles like cattle. We grabbed some beer in the gardens and sat down to watch the show. There was some girl on stage twirling fire balls on ropes. Then pole dancing, which was amazing! I could never do that…LOL. All in all we had fun. But now that we have been exposed to all that naughtiness we don’t feel the need to go back next year.

6 comments on “Last night

  1. dmjcaron

    Okay so…..Did you bring home anything interesting that you would care to share?? From Ikea of course :P..hehehehe hahaha..Glad you had fun so where was the show???

  2. Medicated

    Hehe…I bought some curtains and star lights.
    The show was at the Pan Pacific center.Beautiful hotel.

  3. dmjcaron

    Star lights….??? Do they put stars on the ceiling???

  4. Medicated

    Star lights are strings of lights like a curtain but with big stars as the lights.

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