Yesterday I was out getting poked, about 52 times! I cried! No I didn’t…lol.
I really was a bit nervous since I remember big needles the time I had this same test done in my early teens. Well, things have changed. The needles are the size of the thinnest sewing needle, even smaller than that. We arrived in New Westminster at 12:40pm,I was supposed to be there for 12:30. I filled out a small form and sat down. Finally at 1:15 I was in to talk to the doctor. He asked a ton of questions and I think he wasn’t ready to right down so much, he ran out of paper.

After all the questions he took me to another room where a nurse(?)came to poke me. I think she enjoyed it. Anyways, while I waited to react to all the pin pricks, she went thru explaining how I am to use my new toy! Yes, I was give a cute injector. The Doctor says since I had a very bad and bizarre reaction to my last bee sting, I will have to carry with me at all times a “auto-injector“.(good times).

We finally finished at 3:15. All the Doctor told me was that I needed to come back and get about 25 tiny needles to test for more in depth results on food allergies and at that time he will go over the results of the first test. I go back Feb.6th.
So that was my fun day in the snow!

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Last Modified: January 17, 2007

2 comments on “Allergy test

  1. grandmothergoose

    Did you feel like a pin cushion?
    How is your arm doing today?

  2. Medicated

    Its all fine now.Still have felt marks on both arms.Soap didnt take it off.

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