Well, it looks like I might have to get some new front teeth. My old fillings are starting to break. I have been wanting to get them replaced for a few years now but my mouth is so sensitive and the cost is 4000 bucks. I will need to replace my top 4. I have an appointment this afternoon at 4. I guess I’ll find out then what he will want to do. Maybe it can wait a bit longer but I doubt it. I know its time to get them done. Plus with Gregg’s dental benefits I thing we only have to pay half.
I’ll update you later when I get home.

As for the rest of the day, its a lazy one. I had been feeling crappy the last few days with my dizzies and I totally forgot about calling my friend on friday to let her know that I couldn’t go for lunch. I just forget things when I get so dizzy. So I’m really sorry about that Darlene. Maybe we can do it next week?

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  1. dmjcaron

    It’s okay Karin, I totally understand when it comes to your dizziness. Yep we can get together for lunch next week, I am back out there on Friday again for a doctor’s appt. however I don’t mind making another trip out there earlier in the week …Let me know !! Hope you are feeling better.

  2. grandmothergoose

    Ouch! ! ! Don’t you just hate having to go to the dentist?
    Not to mention the $$$$.

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