I just love our new dentist. I went in and he took a look and said no problem I can fix it. It was a full out repair with porcelain filing. So he did it and it was free! No charge!! He fixed work that he never even did in the first place. I still need to get them fixed properly some time this year. But at least now I can eat apples and not worry about breaking my tooth.
I also got some new fish at Petsmart today. They are having a fish sale,a buck a fish. I’ll try to get some pics tomorrow. And I found GREEN MICE! Finally! I am always on the hunt for them since Baby only plays with green ones. He is in green mouse heaven.

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  1. That is great news about your teeth AND the green mice !! Glad it all worked out for you, nothing worse then having to avoid foods that you otherwise enjoy eating.

  2. Great news about your teeth but what’s this about your cat? I didn’t know that cats were particular when it comes to colour! You have some stange pets around your place!

  3. Green mice- Baby has decided that only green mice are acceptable.No other color will do for him.He can tell when its the wrong color.He goes and digs out the green ones from his toy box.Plus they have to be the dark green,not light green.

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