I have been cleaning all day and all I can say is that my back hurts!!!!!
Yes it does!! Anyways, I haven’t really done a good cleaning since before christmas. Shocking is it. Reason is cause I was busy with kids here and then I got sick and then I got dizzy. So finally felt good today and decided to take full advantage of my goodness. I still have to organize the storage area which will get done this next week.

I have been waiting for this evening all day. You are asking “whats happening this evening?” Well let me tell you. PRISON BREAK AND HEROES! YA BABY! 2 of my favorite shows are back on again. But I have a huge problem. I also watch Dr.Who at 8pm with Gregg. Its only 1 of 3 shows we watch together. So I guess I need to record Prison Break. I hate to say it but I have to wait till tomorrow to watch it.(waaah).

So, I’m off to have a bath and relax in some lush bath bomb. I’m a lush head.
Later my peoples!

3 comments on “Busy Day

  1. dmjcaron

    Sounds like a nice relaxing evening….Never have watched Prison Break…Nor Dr. Who Checked out Heroes wasn’t something I got into but Paul doesn’t mind it…Paul and I watch a few shows together. Don’t over do the cleaning now that you are feeling better !!! let me know about Lunch.

  2. Cynthia

    love Heroes!!!!! it was great last night the super strong crazy chick is one of my favs!!

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