Busy Day

I have been cleaning all day and all I can say is that my back hurts!!!!!
Yes it does!! Anyways, I haven’t really done a good cleaning since before christmas. Shocking is it. Reason is cause I was busy with kids here and then I got sick and then I got dizzy. So finally felt good today and decided to take full advantage of my goodness. I still have to organize the storage area which will get done this next week.

I have been waiting for this evening all day. You are asking “whats happening this evening?” Well let me tell you. PRISON BREAK AND HEROES! YA BABY! 2 of my favorite shows are back on again. But I have a huge problem. I also watch Dr.Who at 8pm with Gregg. Its only 1 of 3 shows we watch together. So I guess I need to record Prison Break. I hate to say it but I have to wait till tomorrow to watch it.(waaah).

So, I’m off to have a bath and relax in some lush bath bomb. I’m a lush head.
Later my peoples!

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  1. Sounds like a nice relaxing evening….Never have watched Prison Break…Nor Dr. Who Checked out Heroes wasn’t something I got into but Paul doesn’t mind it…Paul and I watch a few shows together. Don’t over do the cleaning now that you are feeling better !!! let me know about Lunch.

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