As you can see I have been finding new things to add to my site. I will be trying things out and if they don’t work well I will remove them. So let me know if something isn’t working. Also if you want to add any of them your blogs there are links for them when you click on them.

As you know I spent Monday cleaning my condo since I was feeling better. It was like a spring cleaning but I guess this was a winter cleaning. Anyways, I am back to being dizzy again. Oh how I hate my life at times. I don’t vocalize my complaints very often, but sometimes I really want to just scream from frustration. I ask myself why? why did this have to happen to me? Ya know I have asked that question any times thru my life. I guess I’ll ask it forever. I do end up getting an answer at times. I know that no matter what I do there is always a reaction to my actions. So in a way the reaction is my answer. I guess having met Gregg was the answer to my dizzy’s. I’m so very fortunate to have him in my life. He is…what?…my best friend. Yes he is. I don’t have many friends since my life has changing so much over the last 9 years. When I left Bob I left my friends too. There wasn’t one in the bunch worth keeping. Now I know that sounds mean but its true. If they wanted to stay friends with me they would of made an effort like I had tried to do.
And this puts me on to a whole different topic…

I have thought about writing about my life but I just don’t know if its something that my family should know about or for that matter could handle knowing. Yes I know that you all know little bits here and there but no one knows the whole story. Is it something that will change the way everybody thinks of me? I normally wouldn’t care what people think but this is my family and I do care about them.

So here I sit once again wondering what the heck I am going to do online?

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  1. PreggoStill

    Whatever you decide to share with your family and friends is ok and whatever you don’t to is also ok..Bottomline is we are your friends or family and we all care about you, I am also confident that we all have done things that we would love to do over again, or in other cases not of done in the first place….Life is full of lessons to be learnt, you are doing well now and that is all that should matter *hugs*

  2. Gadget Mania

    I came looking for a post on Gadgets and I stumbled upon this and I think this was a great post and really simple.

    This is one of those posts that you can sit with your loved one and read and then exchange glances. 🙂

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