Today I am self-medicating. Yup, I’m a space case! This whole week has been terrible for me. I have hardly slept a wink. I don’t sleep well as it is but this is getting crazy! I mean really! How am I suppose to survive the day if I don’t sleep? I get about 4 hours in a night. Last evening my left leg was throbbing…again. I don’t know what this is all about but it happens once in a while. By once in a while I mean maybe once a month, but it has happened 3 times this month. It starts to hurt just under my butt cheek then slowly spreads down the back of my leg to my knee. When I rub lightly it feels like it is bruised. No marks can be seen. It aches and then turns into a deep throbbing. After a few hours it spreads all the way down my leg till it ends up at the arch of my foot. What does this mean? I know it hurts like a son of a *****! So I took a muscle relaxer last night, didn’t help. After an hour I took a tramacet (I have these little wonders from my doctor) in hopes that it would at least let me fall asleep. I did finally fall asleep at 1am but at 4am I woke up in pain again. I got up and took another tramacet. I went back to bed and laid there till Gregg’s alarm interrupted my dozing at 5:30. So I decided to get up. So far I have had about 4 cups of coffee, peed a dozen times and realized that I am really doped up…LOL…woohoo!

Now you know why I have the name “self-medicated”. The doctor trusts me to be able to medicate myself in a proper manner. I think I have done a find job. I think I will try to nap soon. As for the pain in my leg, it was better but now I am starting to feel it again. Anyone have any idea as to what it could be? I sure don’t!

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