As I said in my post yesterday, I was in pain. Well Gregg got home from work and we had dinner and after I went to go lay down on the bed and watch TV. I watched TV as the pain in my leg got worse. It was throbbing. I had been taking painkillers all day and nothing was helping. Finally at about 10pm Gregg said that my symptoms sounds like What he had a couple years ago, a blood clot in his leg. He had my scared at first thought. So he decided that I was going to the hospital. I was not thrilled about this idea. I don’t like to go to hospitals unless I am really sick. I know I was in pain but I figured I could ride it out till it was gone. Nope. I was getting out of my pj’s and into my sweats and down to the E.R.

Now, this is where the fun starts. When we get there we check in at the front desk. I get my paper wrist band and we are told to have a seat. There was about 6 other people waiting. It won’t take too long Gregg said. He saw that on my papers it was written in big letters “URGENT”.
We sat down and started our wait. We waited. We watched a lady sitting across from us fall asleep and snore, and even drool a bit. We waited. We talked with the others about the lady that was snoring, and had a good chuckle. We waited. Then they called my name. Great! we were taken to another waiting room.

We waited. I almost fell asleep. The the nurse called me up again. We were moved to a cubical in some far corner. We waited. I looked at everything in the room (it was a sort of supply closet). We waited. Finally the Doctor arrived. He poked at my leg and asked me a few questions and decided that I needed to have a blood test and that this was most like my sciatica nerve. I figured as much. He gave me a prescription for some T3’s and was on his way. So we waited for the nurse to come take my blood and then go home. We waited. A nurse came in and told us that we could come wait in the waiting room. They were closing up that part of the E.R. There was one other couple still waiting. I got up and head to the door,I told Gregg I can’t wait anymore. Just as I was ready to leave the lab nurse showed up to take my blood.
She got my blood. I was so done waiting. We left and were home in a few minutes.

The reason I don’t like the E.R. is because of all the waiting. We started this “waiting” journey at 10:30pm. We got home at 3am. I love my hubby and I know he wanted to make sure I was ok and that it wasn’t something serious, but next time lets just go see our family Doctor in the morning. I’m still in pain today and will be I guess it it goes away.

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  1. Cynthia

    i’m sure you know this but when you take your kids it is worse. because they just want to go home. I think they should fast track all the kids but still you wait…with a cranky baby!! And people look at you like “keep that kid quiet” I hate it there too!!!!

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