I came across this at another blog that I read and thought it was interesting. Since I spent many years in Vancouver I find that I miss living there at times. Our big city has grown up since I was a kid. I have wonderful memories of how Vancouver used to be. Now its changed to where its a bit scary to walk certain areas as a woman by myself. Lucky me, I always have Gregg with me.

Anyways, here is a link to an artist that has taken photos of Vancouver over the years. Fred Herzog has a collection from the past 50 years that he is sharing with the public. He is showing his art work at the Vancouver Art Gallery. After that his art will be displayed at Equinox Gallery.
So if you want to see Vancouver from a different time then go and check him out.

2 comments on “Local Art

  1. PreggoStill

    Yes you are very lucky to have Gregg on your side,just as much as he is lucky to have you on his….You both make a great couple !! We’ll have to get together again, hope you are feeling better soon !!

  2. Medicated

    I’m slowly feeling better,but I think it will take a bit more time.Everything seems to want to hurt all at once.

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