Sorry I haven’t blogged for a few days but I have been doing stuff. First off, my leg is a bit better but still getting some shooting pains. Gregg had more work done on his teeth yesterday. He has about another 3 weeks until he gets his new teeth put in. I’m waiting for a call from our oral surgeon today to see if he can get me in to get an MRI of my jaw. Since I have T.M.J He can’t start doing any dental work till he knows what is going in the jaw joints.

I guess it was a busy weekend everywhere. My great-niece Anna turned 1 and my sister’s father in-law passed away. I guess it was a tough time for them all. Having to say goodbye and also celebrate. Strange how life and death things are always so close together.

As for today, I am slowly going thru boxes in my storage area. I figure we might as well get rid of junk we will never use. Why keep things when you cant take any of it with you when you die. I will keep the important stuff that is needed. It feels good to purge every so often. I realize that I cant handle clutter. As soon as the place starts to get a little cluttered I get moody. So I need to clear it out. We have way to much stuff for our condo. I don’t know where to put things half the time.

I’m also getting excited about this coming saturday. We have tickets for the Bare Naked Ladies concert. This will be our third one! I really enjoy watching them on stage. They are so much fun. I have never been to a concert where the whole crowd has a good time and nobody gets out of hand. So we are taking Glen with us, we bought him a ticket for christmas. We are going into Vancouver early so we can do dinner first. Right now the Vancouver area is doing “dine out“. A bunch of restaurants have a special 3 course menu under 35.00 each. Some of them are great deals. We have our picks down to 3 and just need to make a decision and book it.

Well I guess I’m done having my morning coffee and I hear boxes calling me. Until next time my peoples!

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