Ya know, I have moved many times in my life. So many that I have probably forget a few times. So I have added them up…. As a kid with my family we moved 9 times. In my teens I moved around too many to count, there were group homes and foster homes and other places. With Kieth it was 10 times in 4 years. With Bob it was 7 times in 11 years. After bob I moved back home with mom and dad and lived there and in South Carolina off and on for 2 years. Then into my apartment in abby and now here in our condo. So you can say I moved a lot. I guess I was never happy in my life so I thought that moving would help. It never did. My crap followed me. Boxes of things that I thought I couldn’t live without. I don’t need stuff to remind me of my life.

I have been putting off going thru some boxes for many years now. I told myself that I didn’t want to look at all those memories until I was strong enough to deal with them. Well the time is here. I have be looking at all the memories of my life for the last couple days. WoW is all I can say. I didn’t realize what all I was dragging around. I have purged it all. I have kept 2 medium boxes of childhood stuff and with it a few items from the boys as babies. My past has gone from 6 boxes to 2! I feel so good to get rid of so much. Stuff that was just…crap. There are still some things that I’m not really sure what to do with but I plan on leaving them on my kitchen table til I decide where they will end up. Might just go into the garbage!

I do have to go thru all my photo albums and organize them but thats a job for next month!
Gregg needs to purge his 4 boxes still and then they can be put away too. And blankets! We have so many blankets! I am getting rid of at least 8 of them. Plus old bed sheets. I need to remember to throw out old stuff when I get new things…lol.

Anyways, why was I talking about this? ………OH YEAH!….LOL “crap” Tons and tons of crap. Its a great thing to do at least once a year, get rid of things that you haven’t used in over a year and you know you wont use it next year. I think the next area will be the kitchen, way too much stuff in there. I really hate clutter. It has always bothered me but I could never get rid of it. Now if things get cluttered I start to feel the need to throw things out. So this is where I am now. In the middle of clutter and boxes, sorting thru everything. Its been an interesting week so far!

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Last Modified: January 31, 2007

7 comments on “Crap, crap and more crap!

  1. PreggoStill

    I agree with you, I also HATE clutter, Before we moved into the house, I made a point of getting rid of all the crap I had, now we are just accumulating more…Be careful though, cause one day you might kick urself in the ass and say “why did I get rid of that?” I could really use that now !!

  2. Flash

    She did purge when we moved, and has purged several times since then, though the move was the big one for stuff that was in storage. I don’t know where it keeps coming from. She has “totally” purged her closet at least 10 times since I have known her, and yet there is old clothes that haven’t been worn in years each time. I think her junk breeds! Either that, or she isn’t honest about her “complete” purges….

  3. grandmothergoose

    Make sure not to put a box inside a box, that’s their way of procreating!
    Nasty but true!
    I have to start purging in the next little bit, too!
    Is there anything you need??? πŸ˜‰

  4. Anonymous

    just keep this in mind, all of your guy stuff is junk and all her stuff is gold

  5. Medicated

    Some of the boxes had babies!
    And yes, my stuff is gold…lol

  6. Lisa

    I grew up in foster care, group homes, too: http://www.sunshinegirlonarainyday.com

    Now, I advocate for current/former foster youth, and try to improve the child welfare system: http://sunshinegirlonarainyday.blogspot.com/

    Have you ever heard of Foster Care Alumni of America? http://www.fostercarealumni.org


    PS – Funny story: When my husband first met me, I was a bit of a packrat. Came from losing people so I held onto things instead.

    I had just finished grad school and started my first real job — and I hoarded stupid things like plastic cups from McDonalds and cottage cheese containers. This was carry-over from being broke in college.

    So, here we are, dating, and one day he comes over to my apartment with Glad bags and gets rid of all the plastic junk.

    He kept teasing me, and saying things like, “When the cottage cheese container famine hit, Lisa was there!” and “As God is my witness, I will never run out of plastic cups again!”

    He had bought me a set of *real* glasses, porcelain plates and silverware.

    Looking back, it was very silly and very sweet.

    Anyway, that’s what your discussion of purging all the superfluous stuff in your house made me think of…

  7. Medicated

    Hi Lisa, thanks for stopping by πŸ™‚
    I hate all those plastic containers..lol But they always seem to gather in my cupboard.

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