I see no end to all the crap! Ok, it’s not all crap but is it really stuff I need? Like, do I need 5 spatulas? I would think that 2 for the kitchen and 1 for the bbq is enough. Or how bout all those plastic containers? Why do I keep them? I mean, I have a set of containers that I use so why do I need the margarine ones? I blame that on mom. She taught me to do that. You should of seen the collection she had!

Since we live in a condo there really isn’t much room for storage. We have a small storage unit down stairs but its almost full. Our sundeck is really big but we aren’t allowed to keep things on there except for the bbq and deck furniture. Lucky that we live in a corner unit so that we can hide things in the far corner where no one can see. We have our bikes there and an older dresser where we keep all the tools and misc household crap. But even out there is gets cluttered after a while.

It looks like a bomb went off in my kitchen…LOL. Hope to have it all put away soon.

Only 2 more days till the concert!!!

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Last Modified: February 1, 2007

2 comments on “No end

  1. grandmothergoose

    5 spatulas ? ? ?
    Who needs 5 spatulas?
    I think I have 2, maybe!
    Although, you had better not ask me how many wooden spoons I have! 😉

  2. Cynthia

    ok my house is so tight, I feel for you. I have minimal everything and then I still have way to much. But I have craft stuff…not kitchen stuff. Spatulas = TWO , Stamp sets = maybe fifty…..but I will never sacrifice any!!!!!

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