Here is why I chose the name “self-medicated”.

It’s 8am and I am here to tell y’all that I NEED SLEEP! I tossed and I turned and even flipped over but I DID NOT sleep. It started in the afternoon, my leg ached. I took some painkillers (Tramaset:I take these for my chronic back pain) they helped for about 3 hours. I waiting for a few more hours till after dinner to take more. I rook 2 more at 8pm and climbed into bed to watch survivor with Gregg. I laid there groaning from the pain. At 9:30pm I took a muscle relaxer (flexril:I use this as a sleep aid) hoping that the combination might give me some relief. It did, but by 11pm I was stoned and wide awake. I watched TV, Letterman was good. After that I turned it off and tried to sleep. It was a no go. My brain said “no thank you, we want to babble” and babble it did! All thru the night there was babbling and lots of water drinking(pills make me very thirsty) which resulted in a lot of trips to the bathroom. It was almost like being pregnant again…lol!

So here I am, having coffee and thinking I need to pee soon. I have an appointment today with my Doctor at noon. I’m hoping that he will be able to help me some how. I just know that I can’t take much more of this leg pain. I’ll let you know how it goes when I return.

Mom called from California at about 5pm yesterday. I could hear Rudy in the background saying he wants to go next year again and something about moving there…lol. Mom said they are all having a great time. I asked how Dad was and she handed the phone to him. He sounded so good, like his old self. His voice was strong and he talked and asked a bunch of questions. It was really nice to hear him like that. I think all that sunshine is doing him a lot of good. Mom said that they will be packing up next friday and will be back by the 20th. I asked if Rudy got our text message on saturday and she said yes, he got it. He started laughing and she asked what was so funny. He showed her the phone and it read “Ameel, is dat you?” (inside family joke)

By the way Lucy has finally started a blog. I added her to my links. I have also added more wallpaper to my online collection.

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