Well my friend Darlene finally had her baby. Logan popped out yesterday morning. I was starting to wonder if he was ever going to show up…LOL Anyways, they are both doing fine and will be back at home some time today. I’m sure she will blog all about it when she gets a free moment.

As for me, lately I have been dealing with a lot of pain thru the old body. Y’all are probably sick of hearing about it. So I will try to be more up beat from now on. I am doing better today. I took those new pills for 2 nights and I slept like a log, dead to the world, but I don’t think I will keep taking them. I didn’t take them last night and I am a lot more clear today. I don’t like pills that make me foggy all day or zap my energy. Starting tomorrow I’m going back to doing my yoga and going to get in shape for the summer. I’m tired of always feeling weak and lazy. On a good note I have lost 20lbs! for me! I have 15 more lbs I want to lose. And I’m gonna do it!

4 comments on “Baby Arrived!

  1. grandmothergoose

    Congratulations on your weight loss and congratulations to your friends, on their new baby boy, Logan!

  2. Medicated

    thanks…I havent talked to her but I’m sure she will blog about it all soon…lol

  3. Darlene

    Okay Okay, I haven’t blogged about Logan on my blog as of yet however I thought I better comment about him here…. Sunday Feb 11/ 2007 M.S.A. Hosp. 6:29am 8 lbs Logan Joseph. lots of brown hair, looks like he has Dad’s nose and forehead, but mommy’s blue eyes and hopefully long eye lashes… He is doing well, we both came home Monday around noon. labour lasted about 5 hours or so but delivery was quick and very painful.

    Other great thing about Saturday night was my cousin Brad Moran who has been playing hockey for many yrs was called up to play with the Canucks, according to the reviews he impressed the Coaches and we could very well see more of him on the ice with them…..

  4. Medicated

    great to hear that everything is going well 🙂

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