I have finally gotten around to scanning all of mom’s slides. She gave them all to me about 6 months ago. I had told her that I could do it for free instead of paying somebody else to do it. This way if there is any lost or damaged she can blame me.
As I travel through time, these slides have brought back some fond memories. I forgot that my brother Berto was a bit of a chubby kid…LOL. To look at him now you would never have know. I have been watching the family grow old the past week. We sure do change.

I think the photos that have affected me the most are the ones of my Oma. I miss her. She was a very special person in my childhood. She was always around somewhere. I remember her living with us at the end of her life. She was very sick with cancer as I recall. She was like a second mom for me. I could talk with her when I couldn’t talk with anybody else. I remember she told me once that she prayed every day for all of us kids, but for me she always said one extra prayer. She said that I needed it. After she died I found out that she past that prayer duty on to one of her friends. A Mrs. Klassen, she was a sort of masseuse. After a couple years she also died. I wondered who she has given the prayer duty to? I never did find out.
I started walking the rough road in my life and said to myself that it was all going bad cause Oma and Mrs.Klassen weren’t here to pray for me.
Anyways, thats a different tail to tell yet again. And I going totally off topic.
All these slides have been great to look at and I’m only half way through them. I plan on fixing the ones that are too dark or so faded that you can hardly make out what it is. Once they are all done they will go on the end of the dvd we made of Dad’s 80th Birthday. Everybody in the family will get a copy.

Now I’m starting to think that maybe once I have these slides done I will go get all of Mom’s photo albums and scan all of them into my pc and get them on dvd also. Its a huge job and will take a long time to finish but it will all be so worth it in 20 years from now.

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