Last Visit

I have my last visit today with my Allergist. I find out all the info he has collected from the tests. The past two weeks I have been avoiding all the foods on the list he gave me. I admit it has made a difference. I feel better. But I miss those foods. Hopefully I can have some of them back.
So its back to New West again this afternoon. I think we will be heading to Metrotown after for dinner and I bit of window shopping. I need to start looking for a bathing suit. I don’t have any since my surgery. This will be interesting, I have never owned a suit that wasn’t underwire and I have always had to buy what was available in my size. But now the doors are wide open to so many styles.
What else is going on over here? Well, I have finished scanning all of mom’s slides and now will start to fix them all. Some are so faded others are almost black and some are just a mess.
I think they will have to wait for a couples days. Tomorrow Matthew is coming over and we are going to mom’s for lunch. Maybe I’ll start on them on Friday.
As for the weekend I don’t think we have any set plans but you never know what could pop up.

Off I go to have a little snooze before I need to get ready.I was wide awake at 5am this morning. I’m so tired. Plus if I don’t get enough sleep I end up dizzy most of the day. I have to get 8 hours or I’m a mess.

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  1. Hoping you recieved some positive results today. Bathing suit shopping can be fun, did you find one you liked?

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