I have my last visit today with my Allergist. I find out all the info he has collected from the tests. The past two weeks I have been avoiding all the foods on the list he gave me. I admit it has made a difference. I feel better. But I miss those foods. Hopefully I can have some of them back.
So its back to New West again this afternoon. I think we will be heading to Metrotown after for dinner and I bit of window shopping. I need to start looking for a bathing suit. I don’t have any since my surgery. This will be interesting, I have never owned a suit that wasn’t underwire and I have always had to buy what was available in my size. But now the doors are wide open to so many styles.
What else is going on over here? Well, I have finished scanning all of mom’s slides and now will start to fix them all. Some are so faded others are almost black and some are just a mess.
I think they will have to wait for a couples days. Tomorrow Matthew is coming over and we are going to mom’s for lunch. Maybe I’ll start on them on Friday.
As for the weekend I don’t think we have any set plans but you never know what could pop up.

Off I go to have a little snooze before I need to get ready.I was wide awake at 5am this morning. I’m so tired. Plus if I don’t get enough sleep I end up dizzy most of the day. I have to get 8 hours or I’m a mess.

2 comments on “Last Visit

  1. grandmothergoose

    Hope all went well today and that the news was more good than bad!

  2. Lucy

    Hoping you recieved some positive results today. Bathing suit shopping can be fun, did you find one you liked?

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