As my week begins… I find myself worrying over Matthew’s fate. What will happen to him in the future? I know he is having a very tough time on his own. His job doesn’t pay much. Only enough that he can keep is car insured and to buy coffee and cigarettes. He doesn’t know how he will pay his rent this month. We have helped him as much as we can with paying rent in the past, but now its putting us in need of help if we keep doing that. So the money is cut off and he needs to make some very big decisions. We have offered him to come and live with us again. With this option he will have to follow some rules. The biggest one is the smoking. He will have to quit the minute he moves in and if he doesn’t follow this rule I will be forced to evict him. There are other rules, like learning how to manage his money and he will have to go to school. We want him to get a trade of some sort so he can survive on his own. If he moves here he has that chance. Yes, it will be a bit crowded, but we will make it work.

Now if he decides to stay on his own I’m not sure what will happen to him. He doesn’t have the money for rent. I’m sure welfare won’t give him enough to cover it. From what I see he will be out living in his car by next weekend. This is not what I want for him. I just can’t make this choice for him. He needs to do it. Hopefully he makes the right one.

In the mean time I sit and worry.

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