Today I waited. Matt was here for dinner. He has decided to stay in his place for another month. I hope that it was the right choice. I guess we will see.
Anyways, next Monday we are having ladies lunch for my Sister‘s birthday. She still needs to pick a restaurant. I’m looking forward to the bra party after at Lucy‘s place. Hope some will fit me since mom thinks she got the wrong size for me.

I haven’t blogged these last few days since I don’t have much to say but I’ll find something to blog about tomorrow. For now I am climbing into my cozy bed and going to watch Law & Order.

2 comments on “Ruby Tuesday

  1. grandmothergoose

    Looking forward to Monday, too!
    Saw Mom’s bra collection today!
    I think the party will be a hoot!

  2. Lucy

    Best wishes to Matt for whatever he decides for himself and for his future. Yes, I am looking forward to lunch and the bra party should be fun! I do hope some of them fit you too.

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