We started the day off with lunch at Kelsey’s in Langley. I didn’t eat much since there wasn’t much on the menu for me. We all showed up except for Cynthia who wasn’t feeling well. Lunch took a bit of time. We had to wait for the waitress to figure out the bills. Then we were off to Lucy’s house. We followed her and got lost…LOL. But we finally made it there after taking the wrong turn.
Once we were there the coffee was already brewed and smelling great. We organized all the bras by the fireplace.
As you can see there were lots of them. There was 40 of them.

We all tried some on. At first I only found one that fit. Most of them were small sizes. So I thought that none would fit me. So I had a coffee and relaxed. I then decided that I would try some more on just to see if any others would fit. Lucky me I got 8 out of the pile of 40. They were all different sizes and brands so I guess they were all made slightly different. I am very happy with my selection. I thanked mom a bunch. Since these would have cost on average 30 or more dollars each. Some of them were very pretty and others very plain, but all were nice.
Once that was all done we headed back home. It was nice to come again.
I showed Gregg my treasures and he was more than happy have me model them…hehehe.
After than I spent the rest of the day laying in bed relaxed my stupid leg. 😛

4 comments on “Monday’s Bra Party

  1. grandmothergoose

    Hehehehehe! We all did have fun!
    And lunch was good, too! Thanks, everyone, for coming out!

  2. Lucy

    It was a very nice get together that day. I enjoyed lunch at Kelsey’s and then the BRA party at my house. lol They were all very pretty.

  3. Lucy

    Oh, by the way, we didn’t get lost, just confused! lol

  4. Huggienutcheerios

    Glad you all had a great time, Nothing like a good bra party ! hahaha

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