Sleep and more sleep

I guess you are all wondering where I am these days, well I am sleeping. I’ve been self-medicating for the pain in my leg and catching up on sleep. Been spending most of this week in bed. I think I am turning into a vampire. I can’t sleep at night and during the day I have no trouble falling asleep. So I must be a vampire. I wonder who bit me? and when and where? hmmmm…..
Will I be drinking blood soon? Or am I going to be a fruit eating vamp? What ever happens just remember I am still me.
Hopefully I’ll be online tomorrow and feeling better.

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  1. I am really glad that someone is getting sleep hahaha Some say as soon as you have kids say good bye to sleep cause no matter how old they are you will never sleep the same as u did before them….

    Researchers say that the best sleep people have is between age 6-12 after that forget it !!

    Happy to hear that you are managing to get sleep.

  2. I’m going to start calling you, sleeping beauty!! lol At least you’re managing to get some sleep, weather it’s during the day or at night time. Hopefully this sciatica thingy goes away soon!

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