Over this past week I have been in bed most of it as you know from my last post. I lay there sometimes not knowing what to do. I finished my book that I got from the library a couple days ago. So I have to resort to watching daytime TV. I can tell you it sucks. There is really nothing worth watching during the morning. Talk shows and news….woopee. I do watch Days of our Lives at 1pm every day but other than that I watch TV in the evenings. I don’t mind Oprah when its a interesting subject. Honestly, who watches all the talk shows? I would go insane. I really don’t care to hear about some woman who caught her husband cheating on her with another man and that other man was cheating on her husband with 2 other women. Where do they find these people?!
Yes, it could be true, but really? Come on people! Get a real life! Why would anyone want to go on TV and tell the world that their life is so messed up? I wouldn’t. But thats just me I guess. Maybe I am the different one? (NOT) Anyways, what was I saying? Oh yeah, TV, crazy stuff on there. I think I’ll stick to reading books about werewolves and vampires and any other make-belief creatures. Not much difference from all the weirdos on TV, but at least I can enjoy it without all the drama of a talk show.

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  1. Huggienutcheerios

    I can totally agree with you, recently we cut down our cable tiers for that reason. There is nothing on at best of times, then you have the re runs, paying monthly for re runs *rolling eyes* not happening here !!

    As far as talk shows, never been one to watch them ever, except I did watch Ricky Lake which must have been 11- or 12 years ago now. Oprah and Dr. Phil are okay. The only show I watch during the day is Young and the restless, other then that not much !!

    As far as your question about where do they get these people, I have heard that they get paid to do that..LOL *shrugs*

    Toodles for now, Take care

  2. grandmothergoose

    Talk shows ? ? ?
    Who watches talk shows ? ? ?
    Personally, I can’t stand them but when my girls call me that there is something special happening on Oprah, I may watch for a little bit and that’s it!

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