A different part of me

Just something that I have been working on….

Well excuse me if I break my own heart,
After all it is mine.
You made me feel this need to cry,
And I cried for you.
Oh rainy day
Don’t follow me
Cause I’m here my baby boy.
I go walking under a paper moon.
And my eyes are made of crystals,
these tears I cry for you.
And the skies are blue,
and no one can take the smile God’s given you.

Its not finished yet. Anyone want to add to it? see what becomes of this poem?

2 thoughts on “A different part of me

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  1. I hope, I cry, I wonder why
    Its so unreal, just like the midnight sky

    Is this someway I have to feel
    To make your pain not so real
    Time and space seperate us now..

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