Choices… So many to make thru our lives. How are we to know what are the right ones and which are going to be the wrong ones? As we choose, we find out in time if it was the right one. I sometimes wish that I had a way of telling which choice was going to turn out right. But, I don’t have a talking magic mirror. So I have to rely on my head and heart to help make the choices in life. We have all at one time or another used our hearts and not our heads and chose the wrong way when we felt it was oh so right. Add it to the mistakes of life.

Right now in my life I am having to make some very tough choices. I am struggling with them every day. I talk with Gregg in hopes of finding an answer from him. I talk to my mom hoping she can help. In the end it will all be up to me.

How does one help someone that isn’t willing to help themselves? Do you keep trying? Keep offering help? Or do you stop when they have said no a dozen times? After all, it is their choice.
They will have to decide if its right or wrong.

Just my thought for today.

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Last Modified: March 15, 2007

3 comments on “choices

  1. grandmothergoose

    Wouldn’t it be nice if people would come with their own, built in GPS?
    Sure would make things easier, don’t you think?
    Not to necessarily know what’s ahead but knowing how to get there safely and in one piece!
    Hmmmm! Now that’s a concept!

  2. Huggienutcheerios

    Choices and more choices….We have all made them. Some good and some bad. We all have to learn from our own mistakes, All one can do is share their experiences with loved ones, and hope that they learn from them. Doesn’t always work out that way. From my own relatives, I have realized that people have to make the mistakes themselves in order for them to learn and grown from them, even if its the same one I already made. weird huh ??

    Hang in there

  3. Anonymous

    one of the things about parenting and the choices our loved-ones make that i’ve learned is that no matter how loved, how ‘well’, how structured, how positive a child is raised…they need to make their own choices – good and/or bad.

    in my limited but experience-filled ‘parenting life’, i’ve learned that a good parent raises a child to make decisions. period! some decisions are good – that’s the cake. the icing is that when a child makes mistakes, they learn from them and become a better child, parent, individual in society, etc…


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