Just in case anyone wants to go the sewing & craft fair is in town this weekend at the tradex center. I might go if I can get mom interested. I ‘ve never been to it and its been here for 15 years already.

Colby arrived yesterday afternoon. We went to Mom & dad’s for some KFC dinner. Not the best thing for us to eat since we are still on our diet plan. But it was easy for mom.Plus Colby is a big guy and needs food. We played some card game called “Rack-o” and then headed home to watch a bit of TV.

Today Matthew will be over for lunch and possibly go to the mall to do a bit of shopping. Colby needs a few things. He needs a hair cut too. So thats my day today.

Oh yeah, I had a very itchy ear saturday night and I guess I must of really scratched it hard in my sleep and now it hurts so bad that I can’t even touch it. When I put my fingertip inside my ear I can feel that its all swollen. This is not a fun time 😛

2 comments on “sewing fair

  1. grandmothergoose

    Sewing & Craft Fair?
    What do you mean Mom needs convincing? I’d think she’d be running over there and Aunt Susi, too!
    Have fun with your guys!

  2. Lucy

    Soounds like a crafty thing to do lol
    Have fun and don’t be pokin’ too much fun! Hehehe

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