What can I say? He has grown some more! Hard to believe that he is turning 18 in a couple months. We had a good visit. Bob was in town and took him home a day early. Not nice of him but then what else should I expect from him. I actually talked to him for a few minutes…that was a waste of my time. Now I remember why I left him…LOL. Good to be reminded once in a while. It just amazes me that after all these years he hasn’t changed. Still the big dumb biker that thinks threats and violence will fix everything. The best part, I wanted to laugh at him…hehehe. He made himself look like such a fool and he didn’t even know it!

Anyways, enough about him. We had fun. Saw “Wild Hogs” tuesday evening. It was really funny. I will watch that one again. Its not too often that you find a movie that entertains you straight through till the credits. I would rate this one a 10 out of 10. I really have nothing bad to say about it.

I guess I will spend the rest of today cleaning and doing laundry. I need to make room for Matthew. He is moving in next week. Going to see about going to that sewing fair tomorrow. Might be a good place to get some decorating ideas? Mom is going to be teaching me how to sew better since I’m not so good at

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  1. Looks like your life is quite eventful, as of late!
    Have fun with Mom tomorrow!
    Wish I could come! Maybe next time!

  2. Glad to hear you had a good visit with Colby. Some leopards never change their spots….Is that the correct saying??

  3. Great to hear you were able to see Colby again! 18, WOW!!! Good luck re-aranging everything for Matthew to move in.

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