Today I am doing some cleaning, not much since I don’t want my back to get sore again. I need to make room for Matthew. Trying to figure out the best way to move the furniture so that he has more room in his living area. I’m not moving stuff, that Gregg can do. I think that I will supervise.

I’ve started to get excited about our trip to Mexico. I can hardly wait to go. I hope that everything will work out and Matthew and Colby will come with us for the first week we are there. We will have to wait and see how things turn out by then. It would be great to have a vacation with the boys before they get married and have kids.
I bought a book with cd’s last year so I can teach myself spanish. Maybe I’ll work on that today. It would be nice to be able to chat with the locals and understand them better. Plus learning an extra language is always handy.

By the way, my leg has gotten a lot better this week. I still get some pain but not so bad that I need painkillers.
Anyways, off I go!

4 comments on “What to do?

  1. Lucy

    Have a great day whatever you decide on doing!! 🙂

  2. Huggienutcheerios

    That would be great if Colby and Matthew could join you in Mexico. You all would have a great time !!

    Re arranging furniture is always fun once you know where its being moved !!

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