Moving is so much fun… to some
Matthew came by last night for dinner and dropped off a load of stuff. He is here again this morning with another load. We have arranged the furniture in the the room off of the kitchen so that its comfy for him. He will have to deal with the fact that this is a 1200 sq ft 1 bedroom condo with 1 bathroom. He is between the kitchen and the laundry room. That means I have to walk thru his area to do laundry and clean the litter box and also feed my fish. It won’t be the greatest accommodation’s but at least he doesn’t have to pay rent for the next 6 months.

Now, since I am a retired smoker, I have a very sensitive nose to all odors. Matthew is a smoker. He is trying hard to cut back and wants to quit. Well, last night after he left, his things started to let out a smoky smell. I washed his towels in bleach and they smell clean. I washed his blanket twice and this morning it still stinks. So I am going to try to soak it in vinegar and see if that works. If the smell doesn’t come out I think it will be going to the thrift store. As for all the boxes full of his things, Gregg had to drop some “nilodor” on them. It has helped but I can still smell the smoke. Honestly, I don’t think the smell is going to come out of everything.

I woke up this morning all stuffed up and that annoying drippy feeling is back again in the back of my throat. I had gotten rid of it since I have been carefully following my allergists instructions. I hope that once all of Matthew’s things are here and we have washed and cleaned it all, that it will go away. If not, we are throwing out stuff.(sorry Matt).

The rest of the day will be spent washing his clothes….good times.

3 comments on “Moving week

  1. Smurf

    Sounds like lots of fun ! Hope the smell comes out of his stuff. I am sure its difficult to deal with, I know as well, luckily we aren’t around any smokers anymore !

  2. Medicated

    most of the smoke smell has come out but the rest of his things still smell.

  3. Lucy

    You’ll eventually get rid of the smoke smell, it takes a bit of time. Hopefully it all works out for all of you.

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