Yesterday Gregg and I drove into Vancouver for an appointment I had at Vancouver General. My dental surgeon wanted me to have an M.R.I. before he starts doing any kind of dental work on me.I have TemporoMandibular Joint or TMJ. I acquired this from a car accident about 15 years ago.

Its always been a problem, but the past 5 years it has gotten worse. I’m surprised that the last dentist didn’t do anything about it.(He wasn’t very good). I’m seeing the same dental surgeon Gregg has been seeing for his implants. I’m not sure when I will be going back in, I imagine when he looks at the scans his office will call me. For now I wait. I am hoping that he can fix this for me and then I can get my from teeth done. I have 3 teeth that need some major work. I also want this done before we go to Mexico in the fall. I don’t want to start and then be down there with my teeth half done. I might scare the locals with a toothless smile….LOL.

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  1. Smurf

    Ack!! No Doubt not like you haven’t waited long enough as it is, get it done. The waiting game is always fun eh !

    Keep us posted on how it all works out ….

  2. Lucy

    Slowly but surely, things seem to be moving along for you. Hubby has the same thing, when he eats his jaw clicks, quite loudly too. Hopefully this gets done for you asap! Good luck!

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